Hey Moshi

Hey Moshi lyrics.
Oh Moshi, you're so fine,
You’re so fine you blow my mind.
Hey Moshi
Hey Moshi
Oh Moshi, you’re so Fine,
You’re so fine you blow my mind
Hey Moshi


Verse 1
Hey Moshi
You’re icky and you’re kooky, yuck but kinda cute
And hangin’ out with Monsters is really quite a hoot
So let's go earn some Rox, then you can buy some gloop, Moshi

Let’s solve a crazy puzzle, decorate your pad
Find some gunk to guzzle Moshi DON’T BE BAD!
C’mon and play some games, yeah that sounds rad, Moshi!

Oh Moshi you’re so hokey can’t you understand
Ya freaky and ya cheeky but your wish is my command
Oh Moshi don’t be gross please I’m your biggest fan
It’s high time you Moshi
Do what you do Moshi
Yeew Moshi
Don’t chew that goo Moshi

Verse 2
Hey Moshi
Now when you hit me with ya moves, you make me wanna dance
So c’mon dig the groove, or gimme just a glance
You’re givin’ me the goosebumps, you put me in a trance, Moshi

Let’s boogie at the swamp, and party in the splat
If you don’t wanna wiggle, we can even try to chat
Cos’ makin’ silly noises, is really where it’s at, Moshi