Moshi Games

This Twistmas season just keeps getting better and better. Wanna know why? Because Moshi Games are HERE. Now you can play over a HUNDRED different online games over at! They're free, they're fun, and they're Moshi approved. Wahoo! Click the logo below to play now!
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You'll recognize a lot of your favorites from The Moshi Fun Park, plus lots of new games like Peppy's Stunt Bike (WHAT!?! Peppy has her OWN GAME!), Saucer Panic, Doodle Pets, Sugar Rush, and more! Plus, new games are being added all the time.

If you're wondering where I am for the next few hours… don't bother looking for me. I'll be busy playing each of the games at! Which game is YOUR favorite? Comment on THIS blog and tell me! Oh yeah, and before I forget, the Moshi TV Twistmas stocking full of

Moshi Games
Moshi Games are in the Moshi fun park!.
example game.

Wanna know what MY favorite game is? It's Peppy's Stuntbike! I love dodging the obstacles and doing stunts while in the air. It rules!