Real Moshi Monsters Christmas Stories!

Hello MonStars. Christmas is coming soon and everyone is so exited. (Me included lol). We are all waiting for Santa to get us our Christmas presents. I realy hope you have been good kids during the rest of the year
(Like me, ha- ha) so Santa is happy with you and get you the gift you wanted.

Ok, lets go straight to the point cause I know you are here for another present. The 1 month Moshi Monsters membership, and the Christmas card. As you already know I will pick the best story and send the membership (with the card to the kid who wrote that story)
So, I have really exiting news:

The Moshi Monsters Christmas contest email (Where you have to send your story if you still haven’t) got literally assaulted by hundreds of Christmas Moshi stories in a week.  So I have picked some of them, (Plese don’t get upset if yours is not there, obviously I cant pick all of them cause are hundreds and hundreds, but they are all grait) and posted them below. On the 15th of December I will pick one of themand will send him the Membership.

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